Millet, Roti, & Veggie Combo Which Helps Lower Blood Sugar

Roti, which is also called chapatti, an old-time flatbread made with wholemeal flour, and millet, the ancient and neglected grain cereal and reintroduced into the 21st century to encourage people to eat smart, live smart and to grow smart. The above foods, with ancient vegetables of old are foods from Bible times already, introduced into countries like India, China, and India, a prevalent grain in these countries. These ancient foods have the nutrients and naturalness that we all long for to cure us from the modern diseases which are befalling us as we become “addicted” to high processed fast foods in this fast-paced environment of today.

Look what you will find in this article:

  • An article that deals with the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar, and what ancient food can do for  your health in reducing blood sugar levels